Business coaching


Today's environment, innovations and the digital shift are forcing you to rethink your game. 
Discover our coaching services inspired by our know-how in management and organizational development and our business, technological and cultural transformation methods.

Coaching Individuel

Libérer vos talents, vos apprentissages et les transformer en levier de performance afin d’atteindre vos objectifs individuels et collectifs. 

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They worked with us to reskill, upskill and reinvent their skills.

78% des organisations comprennent que leurs enjeux sont humains.

Coaching Collectif

Évoluer et collaborer en équipe avec agilité et efficacité pour faire émerger les ressources disponibles et les voies possibles vers le succès. 


Coaching Organisationnel

Créer des espaces d'apprentissage et d'évolution au sein de l'organisation pour améliorer la performance. 

How do we reinvent coaching?

Efficiency. Rapid response to coaching needs.

Capacity. Multi-coach deployment without borders.

Customized. Multi-dimensional coaching.

Agility. Diversity and technology for coaching.

Credibility. Business result accelerator.




Your needs

Your choice

Your coaching experience

Through your needs, those named and those guessed by experience, we suggest coach profiles with whom you could work on multiple dimensions and in various ways.

We know each organization, each team, and each human being is unique. We believe the effectiveness of coaching support depends on a special coach-coachee relationship.

78% of organizations understand that their 
challenges are humans.

Individual coaching

Support professionals, supervisors, managers and leaders at the strategic level and in their daily challenges. Liberate talents, skills and learn to leverage performance and achieve individual and collective objectives.
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Group coaching

Consolidate and engage in a collective identity to achieve the team's mission while respecting individual and organizational objectives. Evolve together with agility, develop commitment and co-responsibility to highlight available resources and possible paths to success.
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Organizational coaching

To stay relevant in the market, you have to learn, unlearn, relearn every day.

The team of certified and multidisciplinary coaches works your muscles in action.

Support the company's ecosystem in its challenges, cultural change or major transformations. Create learning levers, spaces for collective intelligence, agility, meaning and evolution within the organization to improve individual and collective performance.
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Vous voulez transformer votre organisation pour relever les défis technologiques, économiques ou humains?

Do you want to transform yourself to reach another level but don't know how?

Are you experiencing lightning-fast changes and running out of objectivity and options?

Your team is performing well, and you're wondering how to take it to the next level...

Are you thinking about a career in coaching to reach new heights?

Is your business model changing? 
How can you support your organizational ecosystem in this change?

Do you have to attain demanding goals with complex issues? 

For 20 years, we have been a leader in the industry. 
Our innovative approach to developing human potential is a transformation accelerator, for you and with you. Drawing on our transdisciplinary expertise, AFI by Edgenda’s business coaching program enables everyone - individuals, teams and organizations - to learn concretely, accessibly and democratically.

Turbulent: Attachez vos ceintures et osez demander de l'aide.


Coachs et coaching au service de la performance: une approche issue du monde sportif.


Démystifier le coaching

Find inspiration, discover new perspectives, go further.

Selon le World Economic Forum, le reskilling et le upskilling d’un milliard d’humains est un enjeu vital d’ici 2030.  Que faire avec vos talents qui n’ont déjà plus les compétences recherchées ou avec les nouveaux métiers en émergence?  Le leadership et la collaboration seront essentiels. 
À la manière AFI par Edgenda.

Our coaches

Marie-Hélène Demers
VP Coaching and Leadership
“Management coaching can be compared to sporting excellence. Each athlete has a coach to help him or her exceed his or her capabilities and change his or her perspective.”

Marie-Pier St-Hilaire
President, Founder and CEO
''We must equip differently to succeed in such a fast-moving world. This is where reinvented business coaching elevates us: learning in action, developing new strengths, or creating a physical and mental recovery capacity that will support us throughout our lives... This is what we offer.''

Find the coach profiles you need. Garanteed.


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